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What's New

The Grand Boulevard Initiative received a Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning grant to develop conceptual design drawings for multimodal streetscape improvements on two segments of El Camino Real in Palo Alto (Stanford Ave to Lambert Ave) and Redwood City (Maple Street to Charter Street). Based on high bicycle and pedestrian collision rates, these segments were chosen as one of two case studies to develop design guidance that could be adapted for other jurisdictions along the El Camino corridor. In collaboration with the two jurisdictions, the study will identify the challenges, needs, and opportunities for all modes of transportation and develop improvements to make the areas more livable for residents.

Project Status

The Creating Safe and Healthy Corridor Communities study will be completed in February 2019. The process will include data collection and existing conditions review, gathering public input on potential improvement alternatives, refining the draft concepts based on feedback from the project partners and the public, gathering public feedback on the revised concepts and presenting the final alternatives to City Council.

City of Palo Alto – Grand Boulevard Palo Alto

The project team held three outreach “pop-ups” in mid-January as well as administered an online interactive mapping survey. The purpose of the pop-up events and interactive mapping survey was to gather community input and ideas that can be used to develop draft conceptual streetscape designs. The most recent outreach event was held on June 3rd and a survey is open for public feedback. 

Participate in the interactive online survey here.

For more information on the case study segment in Palo Alto visit the City’s website here.

City of Redwood City – Bike & Ped Safety Improvement Study

Outreach events for Redwood City included a combination of “pop-ups” and workshop/open houses. Events were held on March 17, 28, and April 13. Similar to Palo Alto, the data collected during outreach will be used to develop draft conceptual streetscape designs for the case study segment in Redwood City. These conceptual streetscape designs will be presented to Redwood City's Complete Streets Advisory Committee (CSAC) in July.  

For more information on the case study segment in Redwood City visit the City’s website here.

Upcoming Events

Working Committee Meeting

February 25, 2019 | 10AM - 12:00PM
SamTrans (Dining Conference Room)

Task Force Meeting

March 27, 2019 | 10AM - 12:00PM

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