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The goal of the ECHO Phase I is to define the overall development potential for the El Camino Real Corridor and make the case for why new development, if carried out well, will benefit individual communities as well as the region.  The findings from the completion of Phase I, as presented by Sujata Srivastava of Strategic Economics at the December GBI Task Force Meeting, showed that the Corridor does have the capacity to accommodate future growth and can accommodate significant employment growth.  The study demonstrated the fiscal echoi-coverbenefits of infill development, such as increases in tax revenues and lower municipal and infrastructure costs, as well as fiscal benefits from conversion of low-performing retail sites to higher intensity uses, such as multi-story residential or office buildings.  The final report will be presented to the ABAG Regional Planning Committee in February 2011 and coordinated with an event of the ABAG and MTC FOCUS Program.

Download the Final Report (PDF, 3MB)

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