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The Grand Boulevard was featured at a full-day conference on May 7th that highlighted impact investing opportunities and challenges for fiduciaries operating in the San Francisco Bay Area and broader California. Many fiduciaries of institutional assets are unfamiliar with impact investment opportunities and their related portfolio implementation issues. The conference explored these opportunities and implementation issues with a particular focus on the Bay Area. The discussion included leaders in finance, philanthropy, academia, and policy. The goal of the convening was to identify ways for fiduciaries to safely move assets into alignment with regional economic development and sustainability goals. Michael Garvey presented the Grand Boulevard as one such opportunity. At the close of the day, Lauren Agnew, of Seal Cove Financial, called for participation in development of a Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative and was met with hearty enthusiasm from much of the audience. Stay tuned for updates about this intriguing topic.

The conference was held by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and Seal Cove Financial. The conference program can be found here and includes a list of attendees and executive summaries of recent impact investing studies.

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